tuk tuk is good at spicing things up


It has a vivid and lemon flavour - tuk tuk combines it with coconut milk, chicken and seafood. It has tonic properties, it stimulates, and it even works antipyreticaly.

Kaffir lime leaves

In the tuk tuk kitchen we use both fresh and dried kaffir tree leaves. Rich in vitamin C, give off a unique flavor and aroma.

Thai basil

Aniseed sweetness, which cleanses and stimulates digestion.


In tuk tuk you can find it's fresh leaves, seeds and roots. The leaves contain large amounts of vitamin C, which increases the body's immunity. The seeds lower the level of sugar in the blood and work as an antioxidant.


This aromatic, bitter and peppery component is quite similar to ginger. It also has a similar antibacterial and warming effect.

Chilli pepper

Chilli is the basis for the more spicy dishes at tuk tuk. It is very good for the heart and blood. It lowers cholesterol levels and helps digestion.

Shrimp paste

Many people think that the smell is unpleasant - in tuk tuk we deal with this during hours of cooking. The paste is made from fermented and salted shrimp, which are ground; a good source of protein and vitamin C.


Sour and fruity pod of the tamarind tree. It prevents indigestion, works anti-inflammatory and removes swelling; it is rich in glucose, fructose and pectin.